Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Such A Snazzy Sampler!

I finished my sampler guys!! I'm really proud of it!

I think it's quite pretty.

I used another 5 stitches to finish this; 1- a daisy stitch.  2 - a french knot.   3 - long and short stitches.   
4 - a satin stitch.   5 - a seed stitch.

The daisy stitch and the french knot are offcially my favourites. The silk stitch looks really nice, but I don't like that it uses up so much thread.  Personally, I think the seed stitch it silly, though it is useful.

To learn how to do a french knot, I watched this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bezNWJgBe0o

The same lady did all the tutorials that I learned from. Though I watched her tutorial for the satin stitch, I did my satin stitch differently; she outlined hers first with a split stitch, but I outlined mine with a basic backstitch. I didn't want my hearts to be quite so puffy.

I'm already working on another sampler, but I'm doing rounds instead of rows/patches. I will, of course, post photos.

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