Saturday, January 12, 2013

My 19th Birthday!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Happy birthday, happy birthday! Happy birthday to me!

I am now 19 years old. Old enough to legally drink alcohol, and... well that's about it.  I had a great birthday! I went out for Thai food with my family, and we went back home for cheese cake afterwards.  There's me, with the cheesecake. 

My birthday was on Wednesday, but my party was last night.  I had 3 of my closest friend over and we has a 50's themed celebration. 

Us girls dressed up in big, circle skirts, and red lipstick. My one friend had a real, vintage poodle skirt! It was soo cool!

We got my boyfriend to wear an actual belt, and tuck his shirt in. Then we combed his hair back a la Fonzie! 

We had a lovely, blue cake, with sugar pearls.

And a lovely photo with that cake.

They're great.

It was a great party! We drank root beer floats, played Snakes and Ladders, Pin The Tail On The Donkey, and we had a Pinata!

And then my boyfriend knocked down the pinata, 

So we just tore it open. I think that's the logical next step.

And, for my birthday, I got some E.L.F makeup and some new nail polish. I'm all set to make myself glamorous! 

A very good start to my 20th year of life.

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