Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm Back! And I'm Busy.

Wow. I've been gone a while.

I had first semester exams, and I was really busy with those. Thankfully they"re done now.

So NOW what's keeping me busy is my college applications. I'm applying to fashion design programs at various schools, and for the one I have to send in a supplemental package.

In that package I have to include some fashion illustrations. One evening wear design, a casual skirt and top combo, a casual pants and top combo and then a design of my choice.

So far, my ideas for the evening wear include these dresses.

That last one would be made of black and white Chinese brocade, and would have silver coloured frog closures at the back. And, yes, her arm looks like an alien tentacle.

But those drawings were done months ago, and lately most of my drawings have only been quick sketches for my own purposes, or technical drawings; patterns and such. So i have to get back in the swing of it.

Here's me, getting back in the swing of it.

I can do this. I have a week to finish the package. So much to do.


  1. I assume that the last illustration is of a model holding a pipe in her hand. Sherlock Chic!

    I love the gowns and want to wear them alllllll.

    1. It isn't a pipe, but now that you mention it, it totally does look like that! (Sherlock! Love!)
      Also, thank you! :D Maybe one day they'll really exist and you will be able to wear them. :P