Friday, December 21, 2012

Painted Personalized Metallic Mugs

Continuing with the DIY Christmas gifts, I'm giving my parents personalized mugs.  My dad loves coffee and my mom loves hot chocolate. Mugs are perfect.

And here's a tutorial so you can make your own!

Materials:  -a plain mug (I'm using 2)   -2 different paints. One metallic and one non-metallic base colour 
                   -a paper plate      -a paintbrush        -scissors      -tape        -letter stencils      -hairspray

My dog kinda chewed the handle of my scissors 

Step 1.  Print off the desired letter, and cut it out. You want to be as careful as possible to not cut slits past the outline of the letter, but no worries; if you do, you can just tape over the slits. Like I did.

Step 2. Tape the stencil onto the mug, and paint on the first, non-metallic coat of paint. If you're using a letter that has a hole in it, like and R or  B, to tape on the middle of the hole, roll a piece of tape into a tube and stick it to the back of the paper. Leave the paint to dry.

Step 3. Apply the second, metallic, coat of paint. Leave it to dry.

That baseball player is very excited about this project. 

Step 4. When the paint is nearly dry, remove the stencils. The paint may peel. If so, simply paint over any spots that have peeled off.

Step 5. Using the metallic paint, paint the handle of the mug, with haphazard brush strokes.

Step 6. Spray with hairspray, to seal the paint, and VOILA! Two, lovely, gilded, personalized mugs.

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