Sunday, December 9, 2012

Books,Treats, and Carol Burnett

Yesterday was lovely! Absolutely lovely! I got to sleep in, I got to eat a few french fries, and I had a wonderful dinner with my boyfriend, and my aunt and uncle. During said dinner, I was given gifts, I got to pet a cute doggie, and I got to watch a few episodes of The Carol Burnett Show.

I wish I had photos of the tortellini my aunt made. It was so tasty!  Although a fairly simple concept; tortellini covered in cheese.

What really blew my mind was the desserts! My aunt is a fantastic cook and her baking is amazing too! She made shortbread cookies and mini mint-chocolate cupcakes, and (my favourite) a sort of pistachio-almond-chocolate-bark that my uncle has dubbed "Forest Floor"

Remind me to get the recipe off of her, soon.

Then, they surprised Cain and I with Christmas gifts!

Cain was given little bundles of each of the desserts we'd just had.  I can't wait for him to share with me.

I got a lovely scarf that my aunt knit.

I think they're called "sashay scarves". I have no idea.

But the gift I'm uber excited about is this!

A book about the history of fashion!  All the way from ancient Egypt and Greece, to the styles of 90's pop stars.  There are even sections dedicated to different designers and different style icons throughout history.  It's a perfect addition to my library of fashion and sewing books.

And, being the animal lovers that they are, my aunt and uncle also got a gift for my puppy, Skyler.  They gave her a tin of home-made doggie treats!

She loves them!

We finished off the evening by watching a few reruns of the Carol Burnett show, with the cats. 

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