Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas Morning!

It's early Christmas morning, and I'm so proud that I managed to finish all the gifts in time.

Dad's scarf is a bit worse for wear, as I had begun to run out of white yarn, so I had to use a lot more black, and as I  was close to finishing I realised I didn't know how to properly cast off. So I improvised a crocheted casting off. It looks.... asymmetrical...

Mom's gift proved to be much more difficult and time consuming to make than I had anticipated, and it doesn't quite match my vision... I hope she likes it.

Cain has no idea what his gift is. Well, maybe that's not entirely accurate; he has ideas; hat, scarf, socks, or mittens. But 2 of those (socks and mittens) I've never made before, and scarves take forever to make, and he hasn't seen any evidence of me working on a second scarf. That makes sense, because I didn't make him a scarf.  But it IS something to keep you warm outside. Specifically your hands..

I'll post photos later today.

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