Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rosie and Retro

So, a couple of summers ago, I learned to crochet. After making a baby blanket for a friend, I was looking for something more interesting to make.  I was looking through a crochet pattern book that my grandma gave  me.  This book is from the 1960's and there were a lot of cute, mod patterns.

A pattern I especially liked was one called "Chic Little Bolero", which is odd because it doesn't look at all like the modern definition of a "bolero".

This is a bolero:

What I made is a vest.

An adorable vest.  

The pink at the top was an improvised move; I ran out of white yarn and couldn't find the same shade again, so I went for a different colour completely.  I'm glad I chose pink.  It gives this vest a cute, girlie feel; frilly and lacy.

Even though this pattern claimed to be for "sizes small-medium",  it turned out to be waayy too big.  Maybe I miscounted. I don't know. Anyway, rather than go back and start again (seriously, who WOULD?), I sort of pleated the back and made loops to keep it folded.

I love the shell pattern that this vest uses. I'd like to use the same pattern in future crochet projects.  Though, I admit, I haven't branched out much into other patterns.  Maybe I should do that before I choose just one to stick to.

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