Friday, November 23, 2012

Patent Polka Dot Pumps!!

So, this story starts with me, finding a metallic Sharpie marker.  I felt the need to make something with it. Something. Anything! Preferably having to do with my wardrobe.

Then I remembered a pair of black patent heels I'd had for ages that were sort of starting to lose their fabulousness.  It was meant to be.  Now I have an adorable pair of polka-dot heels that I can't wait to wear!

I was so excited about this project that I decided to share the steps with all of the internet.

Step 1. Gather your materials.
For this project you will need only 3 things. Or maybe it's 4. I'm going to count both shoes as one thing.  So, you will need:

~ Some sexay patent "leather" heels.

 (They don't have to be real leather.)

~ A metallic Sharpie marker.

The marker does have to be metallic or the dots won't show up very well, or at all.

~ A measuring tape.

Preferably one that measures centimetres.

Now that you have those things all together, using the measuring tape as your guide, draw dots in a row over the toe of the shoe, each a centimetre apart. Then, turn the measuring tape perpendicular to that row and draw columns of dots (each, also, 1cm apart) stemming from dots in the initial row.

Continue in this way, all over the shoe. I did not draw dots on the heel, but you can  if you want to. 

Voila! You now have a cute "new" pair of polka-dot heels!


  1. You're so nuts ;) :) :D
    It looks great, but will it last?

    1. Actually, ya, it should last. I made a couple mistakes while making these, and trying to get the marker off was DIFFICULT! Each mistake took a good 3 minutes or so of water and intensive rubbing to get off.

  2. I think, I would have painted the heels silver all over. Would give them a more flashy look :)

    1. You could definitely do that! This is just a starting place. I'd love to use this same method for a lot of other designs.

  3. Just had another great idea :) What, if you would do the same on to the black bolero jacket? Just the front and maybe a little to the end of the sleeves? That would be looking wonderful like bought in a very expensive boutique. But that procedure would turn the bolero into a hand wash only I guess....
    And if the bolero isn't yours, I guess you now have a new project ;)

    1. The bolero belongs to google images :P But I would love to make one. I have an old black, satin dress that was my sister's that would definitely supply me with enough fabric.

    2. I knew it.... ;)
      Wishing you a nice, wonderful and busy sunday ;)